About Us

Our Mission

The mission of The Well is to provide a diverse community with opportunities and resources to collaborate and network through education, entertainment, and culturally inspired programming.

The Well

The Well is a high-design flexible workspace used by a diverse community of independent professionals, startups, and teams from small and large businesses. Different from coworking or executive office suites, The Well is a purpose-built environment that provides members with a variety of areas to focus, collaborate, learn and innovate at any given time. By re-imagining the traditional workspace, The Well gives our members the greatest opportunities for productivity and success.

City of Lakeland

The City of Lakeland offers an exceptional quality of life. A firm commitment to downtown development, redevelopment, historic preservation, cultural amenities, and an exceptional business-friendly environment has helped Lakeland to thrive for 130 years. Growth and progress exemplify our city all the while maintaining a sense of history and a hometown feel.

Our Team

Dr. Sallie Brisbane & Mario Stone

Dr. Sallie Brisbane & Mario Stone



Dr. Sallie Stone is a consummate professional with over twenty years of experience in educational leadership and management. As the owner of Well-done Events! multimedia services, Dr. Stone has established a solid reputation for helping businesses and organizations promote their message through digital marketing and branding strategies. As an educational consultant for Compass Smart Solutions she provides training, professional development, business coaching and motivational speaking for diverse groups around customized themes.

Mario serves as Director of Operations for The Well. He brings more than 10 years of experience in leadership management, event management and multimedia production. Mario maintains oversight in the day to day operation of The Well. He provides excellent value, great solutions to project issues and options for savings. He is reliable, trustworthy, a good communicator. He is also highly knowledgeable about the process required to get the job done on time while maintaining a high level of integrity…and humor! Personally, Mario is a mentor to troubled boys to whom he shares his faith. He is husband and dad, and he enjoys any time he spends with his family.